[Linux-aus] [LACTTE] Changes to the Constitution to be voted on at the AGM

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Dear All,

Just a quick reminder that voting is open for these changes. To vote please
login via https://linux.org.au and head to Member Area -> Elections to find
the Constitution voting option.


Sae Ra


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On Sun, 23 Dec 2018 at 12:15, Russell Stuart via linux-aus <
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> LA members,
> Early this year a conference organiser suggested Linux Australia
> become a registered Charity as that would have made it easier for some
> of the organisations he approached to sponsor his conference.  Later on
> Stripe told me the same thing: it would be much easier to grant LA the
> not for profit discount (automatic in fact) if LA was a registered
> charity.
> The council sort advice on this from our Auditor and Account.  Both
> advised becoming a charity would have no material effect on how LA is
> run.
> Consequently the executive has put in application to
> https://www.acnc.gov.au/ to make LA a charity.  The ACNC then told us
> our application can not proceed until include some clauses they require
> in our constitution.
> You can find the discussion on the proposed pull request here. Put
> in your own 2c worth if you wish:
>     https://github.com/linuxaustralia/constitution_and_policies/pull/38
> No changes can be accepted after Dec 30th, as our constitution requires
> 21 days notice of any proposed change.  My apologies for the short
> discussion period.
> The current text adds the following section to the constitution, but
> beware the pull request is the authoritative version of the changes:
>  43. Objects of the association
>  (1) The objects for which the association is established are:
>    (a) to facilitate the communication of information relating to
>        inventions, results, techniques, and governance of open source;
>    (b) to support open source projects and the creators of open
>        source;
>    (c) to support and promote the adoption of open source;
>    (d) to support and promote awareness and understanding of
>        open source;
>    (e) to conduct open source advocacy with the government, business
>        and civil society;
>    (f) to create a network for related local and online open source
>        communities.
>  (2) The association must pursue charitable purposes only and must
>      apply its income in promoting those purposes.
>  (3) The association must manage payments and gifts to the association
>      and ensure that they are used to further the stated objects of
>      the association.
>  (4) In the event of the Organisation being wound up, its assets must
>      go to a charitable entity whose objectives aren’t inconsistent
>      with the stated objects of the Organisation.
> --
> Regards,
> Russell Stuart
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