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     A fantastic outcome to help improve tech diversity in rural, 
regional and indigenous settings. Special thanks to Sae Ra Germaine, who 
did a lot of the background work on this one.

Please do share with your regional, rural and indigenous networks.

Kind regards,


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VALA Tech Camp 2019


Announcing the VALA Tech Camp 2019 Linux Australia Diversity Scholarship

Dear Kathy,

are invited from across Australia for the VALA Diversity Scholarship for 
Tech Camp 2019, generously sponsored by Linux Australia. The Scholarship 
will fund one individual’s attendance at VALA Tech Camp 2019, in 
Melbourne, from 10 - 11 April 2019.

Returning to Melbourne in April 2019, VALA Tech Camp 2019 
is an intensive, active, hands-on learning and sharing experience run 
for and by the people who code, build, teach and maintain technology for 
libraries and collections.

VALA and Linux Australia recognise that regional, rural and indigenous 
members of the Library community face additional barriers to 
participation in both library and technical events. The Diversity 
is offered to individuals who in normal circumstances would not 
generally attend this type of event or would struggle to attend due to 
financial or other hardship.

    *Linux Australia is committed to diversity of participation in open
    technologies and has chosen to support the Diversity Scholarship in
    line with their organisational values.*

The recipient of the first Diversity Scholar, Nathan Sentance from 
the Australian Museum, said of his experience at Tech Camp 2017 -

    /"Winning the VALA/Linux Diversity Scholarship and attending VALA
    Tech Camp was an invaluable experience for my career. I have long
    had an interest in being part of something like the VALA Tech Camp
    as I believe information technology presents exciting opportunities
    for Aboriginal communities to access, revitalise and disseminate our
    culture and knowledge."/

Read Nathan's full report HERE 

*Who is eligible?*

  * Any Australian person of Indigenous heritage; and/or
  * Any Australian person who resides in a regional, rural or remote
    location, including Darwin.

*Scholarship Offer:*

  * Up to $2,000 for flights and accommodation
  * Free Camp ticket (value $480.00 inc gst at non-member price)
  * VALA buddy at conference

*How to apply:*

Applicants will submit a 200 word statement OR a 3 minute Youtube video 
explaining the impact the Scholarship will have on your future career in 
the library and/or technology sector, including:

  * why you want to come,
  * what you want to learn,
  * how the community/organisation you serve will benefit from your

*Please share news of this scholarship within your own networks across 
Australia. *


Applications will close *12 February 2019*.

For more information or to apply, see the *VALA Diversity Scholarship 
webpage HERE 

*Hugh Rundle and Matthias Liffers*

Camp Leaders
VALA Tech Camp 2019

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