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Hi everyone,

This Grant Request was discussed on the Grants List and considered at
Council Meeting 24th May.

The Council was divided on this Grant Request and noted the feedback
provided on the Grants List. While we recognise the need for appropriate
incident response training that encompasses current best practice
regarding diversity, inclusion and related matters, the current proposal
is not Australian-based and does not cover Australian legal frameworks.

We believe that the _what_ here is valid - and would increase the
capability of Safety and Incident Response teams  - but the _how_ - how
this is done - needs to be revisited.


    MOTION BY Kathy: That Linux Australia neither accepts nor denies the
    Grant Proposal, but invites from Katie McLaughlin an amended
    proposal that focuses on local suppliers, with a preference for an
    Australian recognised qualification at the end of the training
    delivery for participants. Further, the amount requested in the
    original Grant Proposal is to be sequestered from Grant funds so
    that the funds are set aside pending an amended proposal.


    Seconded: Russell


    Motion passed, one abstention, one nay.

Kind regards,


On 03/05/18 08:33, Katie McLaughlin wrote:
> ## Aim
> This funding request will fund one remote training session for Code of
> Conduct Incident Response from Otter Technologies for up to 10 members
> of the organising teams from under the umbrella of Linux Australia
> events. 
> ## Rationale
> Linux Australia requests that event subcommittees have a Code of
> Conduct for their event. 
> This is a good first step to ensure a safe and inclusive conference
> for attendees. 
> In the event that incidents occur at a conference, there needs to be
> knowledge on the ground from members of an Incident Response Team (aka
> Conduct Team) in the basics of how to handle an incident: attendee
> care, resolution practices, liability, reporting process, anonymity
> processes, aftercare. 
> Conduct teams have been present at PyCon AU 2016, PyCon AU 2017,
> linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au> 2017 and linux.conf.au
> <http://linux.conf.au> 2018. However, members of this teams, to the
> best of my knowledge, have never undertaken formal training for this role
> By having this training undertaken by members of the community of
> various Linux Australia conferences, we can seed the knowledge of how
> to take the next step in ensuring active attendee safety at Linux
> Australia events. 
> Note: this training is one of two training session offered. A “Train
> the Trainers” session is is a separate course, quote and additional
> grant request pending, which would allow attendees of both sessions to
> then have the knowledge to train their own Conduct teams. This would
> allow for a larger pool of trained persons to attend more events and
> be a part of more Conduct teams. 
> ## Success
> Attendees undertaking training will be able to take the skills learnt
> and CC-BY materials provided and use them to ensure their own events
> have trained Incident Response members who can serve on Conduct teams
> in order to ensure attendee safety. 
> Attendees have also been chosen as they are “serial conference
> attendees”, so their skills can be of service across a number of
> events for years to come. 
> ## Costs Breakdown
> The training is as follows: 
> Name: Code of Conduct Incident Response
> Provider: Otter Technologies
> https://otter.technology/code-of-conduct-training/
> Cost:*$3,500 USD* for up to 10 attendees in one remote session
> /Note: the training can have up to 14 attendees, but 8 - 10 is the
> normal size of groups. Given this is a specific request by specific
> people, we are limiting the attendees to 10/
> ## Training details: 
> The training provided comprises of a 3 - 4 hour session, split across
> group and pair activities, relating to incident response overviews,
> pair role-play of reporting and receiving an incident report, and
> take-home materials including Incident Response forms (CC licensed)
> Trainer: Sage Sharp
> ## Testimonial
> Sam Kimbrel, North Bay Python Organiser, PyCon AU 2016 Speaker
> > Sage’s organizer training clearly outlined the core responsibilities
> an event team 
> > has towards its attendees, staff, speakers, and volunteers, and
> offered concrete 
> > steps to handle these responsibilities in a safe, sustainable
> fashion. There are myriad 
> > pitfalls in actually implementing a strong code of conduct and we
> felt much more 
> > confident in our ability to avoid as many as we could after the
> training.
> ## Attendees
> This grant request allows for one remote training session for up to
> ten people. The following eight people are requesting these funds.
> There is still room for two more attendees, should anyone else be
> interested in attending
> * Katie McLaughlin, PyCon AU 2018 Chair
> * Katie Bell, PyCon AU 2018 Co-Chair
> * Russell Keith-Magee, PyCon AU 2018 Treasurer
> * Jack Skinner, PyCon AU 2018 Volunteer Coordinator
> * Lilly Ryan, PyCon AU 2018 Paper’s Chair
> * James Polley, linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au> 2018 Co-Chair,
> Linux Australia Board Member 2018
> * Donna Benjamin, Drupal South, Rusty Wrench Award 2013
> * Craige McWhirter, linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au> 2017 Co-Chair
> Should only these eight attend, the grant would be $3,500USD / 8 ~=
> AUD$600 per attendee. 
> An additional two attendees will bring that number down to ~AUD$470
> per attendee 
> ## Contact
> Katie McLaughlin will be the point of contact for this grant request,
> and is willing to provide a  post-training report to Council. 
> Katie was a member of the PyCon AU 2016 and linux.conf.au
> <http://linux.conf.au> 2017 Conduct Teams, and is the Chair for PyCon
> AU 2018, 2019
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