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An update on our suggestions for the next Open Government National 
Action Plan:

* We've included review feedback from scores of people, and a concise 
introduction, which starts:

/Government bodies are continually duplicating effort. Why? Old 
acquisition processes have emphasised "value for money" and "mitigation 
of risk". However, in the digital economy, success indicators 
additionally include “effectiveness of collaboration”, “sustainability 
in the face of rapid innovation” and “resilience to monopolistic 
behaviours”. We need to consider these new indicators in our future 
purchasing guidelines.


* We've incorporated feedback from ~ 20 people so far. If you want 
review access, and to see review comments, please email me to request it.

* We're looking for technically savvy people who understand and believe 
that open government can collaborate better, to add their signatures to 
add gravity to the letter. Ask me for document access, or email me your 
name and big title for me to add for you.

All the best,

Cameron Shorter

On 5/3/18 8:27 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Folks,
> Thanks to those of you who have reviewed the response to the proposed 
> Open Government National Action Plan. And I know a number of you are 
> planning to add more feedback this week. (In a nutshell: The response 
> explains Open Government needs to learn how to collaborate as 
> effectively as Open Source communities, and what government needs to 
> change to make this happen).
> OSIA folks and Linux Australia Council, I'm formally requesting that 
> this letter be presented jointly by Open Source Industry Australia 
> (OSIA) and Linux Australia. What is involved in getting this permission?
> A status update:
> * The Linux Journal has offered to publish a piece on this. I'll be 
> reaching out to other publications in the next couple of weeks to 
> invite them to publish too. (Suggestions of publications welcomed).
> * I've incorporated most changes suggested so far. I've had a couple 
> of people suggest a better introduction / exec summary - which I'll be 
> working on.
> * I'm hoping to collate all preliminary feedback within the next 2 
> weeks (by ~ 16 March).
> * Deadline for delivery of our response is 30 March.
> Document is here:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jNdh4_A_cIpaHqLRFOgpvAY3JSo0Ueraam39UHFOGHs/edit# 
> Warm regards, Cameron
> On 27/2/18 8:52 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> The Australian Government has asked for feedback on how they are 
>> going at Open Government, and I've started a draft response. I'm 
>> really keen to make sure that this response is well constructed 
>> because I think that if listened to, understood, and acted upon, then 
>> we can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of Open Government 
>> worldwide - and by extension, to Open Source as well.
>> If you have a chance to read and provide review comments, I'd be very 
>> grateful. Email me directly to get review access.
>> (It will take ~ 10 minutes to read. Longer if you take time to think 
>> about how things should be reworded and consider what is missing and 
>> should be included.)
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jNdh4_A_cIpaHqLRFOgpvAY3JSo0Ueraam39UHFOGHs/edit#heading=h.5zu4u4o3l7zi 

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