[Linux-aus] The Internet of Houses seeks funding

Ewen McNeill linux-aus at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Sun Jul 22 12:53:45 AEST 2018

Some of you might remember the talk from LCA2017 in Hobart:


about Whare Hauora, a project to create IoT devices to monitor the 
warmth and dampness of houses, over time, particularly the rental 
housing at the lower cost end of the housing market.

The project:


has made great progress, and is getting closer to deployment into the 
community.  They currently have an active crowd funding campaign:


to help raise money for field trials in vulnerable communities, 
including a "buy one, give one" option if you want a sensor kit of your 
own.  (This is a New Zealand based crowd funding platform; some funding 
options that solely donate money, with no tangible reward in return, 
qualify for a NZ tax credit, since Whare Hauora are a registered charity 
in New Zealand.)


PS: I'm not connected to the project; just someone who has followed the 
progress of the project for several years, and is pleased they're 
getting to the point of doing field trials.  I thought y'all might be 
interested in "where are they now".

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