[Linux-aus] Changes to the Constitution to be voted on at the AGM

Stephen Dalton steve at refactor.com.au
Mon Dec 24 07:03:32 AEDT 2018

Our makerspace, GCTechSpace got registered with https://www.connectingup.org
as a non-profit. Connecting up is AU affiliate of techsoup.org which most
tech companies recognise as the official arbiter.

There was some paperwork, but you only have to do it once and then you get
most of the discounts (not sure about stripe). We are an incorporated
association in QLD - but from an ABN search the non-profit status is not

Just as an aside, the other model I have seen that works quite well is a
Non-Profit limited by Guarantee. This is like a pty ltd company but has
slightly different director/ownership structure that makes it work for
non-profits. In hindsight I should have set Techspace up like this if I was
going to do it all again.

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