[Linux-aus] Changes to the Constitution to be voted on at the AGM

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> On Sun, 2018-12-23 at 14:23 +1100, Daniel Jitnah via linux-aus wrote:
> > Just wondering, if tax deductability is not available, how would this
> > make it more attractive to a potential sponsor/donor?
> No idea.  You would have to ask the companies that wanted it - eg
> Stripe.

My impression from running another organisation that used its charity
status to get discounts is that it's simply useful as an indicator that an
organisation is legitimately considered to be a non profit and it can be
trivially verified.

There's no central registry of non-profit organisations that are *not*
registered as charities, merely consulting the ABN database etc doesn't
necessarily tell you whether an organisation is non-profit. ACNC registered
charity status is a much better indicator of that.


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