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> > LA members,
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> > Early this year a conference organiser suggested Linux Australia
> > become a registered Charity as that would have made it easier for some
> > of the organisations he approached to sponsor his conference.  Later on
> > Stripe told me the same thing: it would be much easier to grant LA the
> > not for profit discount (automatic in fact) if LA was a registered
> > charity.
> >
> > The council sort advice on this from our Auditor and Account.  Both
> > advised becoming a charity would have no material effect on how LA is
> > run.
> Fantastic! I’m trying to remember why we didn’t pursue this years ago, and
> I just can’t. Good idea though. This would mean that donations would be tax
> deductible?

The ACNC did not exist until legislation was passed in 2013 to establish a
system of charity registration.

There are some tax benefits to being a charity, but being a charity is not
the same as being a Deductible Gift Recipient (a status that existed long
before the ACNC's charity registration regime). DGR status is considerably
more restricted and most charities do not qualify.

(who has done the ACNC chairty registration rigmarole before...)

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