[Linux-aus] Kathy Reid - not nominating for Council in 2019

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Mon Dec 17 10:47:18 AEDT 2018

Hi everyone,

With election nominations now open, it's a good time to let everyone
know I won't be nominating for Council 2019.

While I'm delighted to have gained a place at Australian National
University's new 3A Institute Masters program to help develop a new
applied science in artificial intelligence and cyber-physical systems, I
would prefer not to take on significant additional responsibilities in
addition to this focus.

I've served with Linux Australia in some capacity since 2011, including
two stints on a linux.conf.au core team (Ballarat 2012, Geelong 2016), 2
years as Secretary, 1 year as Vice President and 2 years as President -
and I hope, have delivered some value in that time.

Now is the right junction to encourage others in our community to take
up the mantle, use the opportunity to further develop leadership
capabilities and to serve the wonderful free and open source ecosystem
in Australia. So if you're sitting there thinking "what if Linux
Australia did $SOMETHING" - now is your opportunity to step up and make
it happen.

Kind regards,


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