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Hi Arjen, 

On 23/09/2017 15:58, Arjen Lentz via linux-aus wrote:

> Hi Noel
> On 23 September 2017 3:48:05 pm AEST, Noel Butler via linux-aus <linux-aus at lists.linux.org.au> wrote: On 23/09/2017 12:09, Arjen Lentz via linux-aus wrote:
> promoting tech in general is not Linux Australia's purpose 
> That precedent has already been set, grants were issued to an
> organisation to promote getting women into tech a few years ago, there
> was a massive thread on it as i recall, and more recently, only 3 or so
> months back? a workshop for women in a hackerspace or something along
> those lines was approved too, since the precedent is set, we can hardly
> cherry pick.

I think we can, and have.

The examples you note above are specific to enabling women in tech. 
That indeed is a whole separate discussion (the most recent research
indicating that it's not the women who have the problem, they're
interested - it's a number of sabotaging aspects that hinder). 

I'd disagree, the ratio of women to men applying for jobs that I've
either be on panels, directly hiring or just aware of them -due to my
positions, have been in most cases 30:1, and in majority of jobs, even
for entry level CSR positions, there have been no female applicants. I
have no doubt some employers will favor or try imply they only want male
applicants, to think they dont exist  would be naive, but they are not
the normal that people around here seem to believe. 

> But in any case those past grant approvals do not imply that Linux Australia "therefore" has to approve grant requests for anything tech.

looks like we'll have to agree, to disagree,  am dead set against any
form of discrimination, once a "type" has been approved, you can hardly
so no to other "types", but I know on this list at least, I am  rare and
isolated on that train of thought, which doesnt shine a good light on

> And even if we did approve certain things in the past, we're entirely entitled to adjust our policies based on current insights and priorities.

Moving teh goal posts because we dont like whats happening? uhg! 

> It is absolutely our prerogative to cherry pick, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our objectives, using the funds available for this.

Of course, thats what we do every time there is a grant request, but we
need to be careful, as public perception is just as important, word of
mouth can be a damning thing. 

Kind Regards, 

Noel Butler 

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