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Mon May 29 11:28:04 AEST 2017

Hi everyone,

Hope this finds you and your loved ones warm and well - and your alert
board green. Linux Australia activities have continued apace over the
last couple of months, and I'd like to take the opportunity to keep you
all briefed on progress and planned actions.

        Linux Australia Grants Program

  * Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network hosting infrastructure
    submitted by Paul Fenwick - approved $800 11th May
  * Hackerspace Ipswich - open hardware for training by Robert Manietta
    - approved $1500 11th May
  * Stemformatics open data platform for genomic research by Rowland
    Mosbergen - approved $5000 27th April
  * Moe Men's shed - organisation still in formative stage, grant
    deferred until operational
  * Sunraysia LuG - hosting and domain name registration by Phil
    Steel-Wilson - approved $50

Still under consideration

  * Hubcaps to creative hubs - open data by Dr Cristina Garduno Freeman
    - due for consideration 8th June
  * Ballarat HackerSpace Women's Wednesday by Robert Layton - community
    feedback due by 8th June, due for consideration 8th June

In total, we have now committed $AUD 8850 of our $AUD 35k budget. At
this time no applications have been received for the UX grant matching
generously offered by Cartesian Creative.

More information on our Grants Program is available at
https://linux.org.au/projects/grants. Grant applications are open until
30th September 2017, however all funds must be expended by this date
(our end of financial year).

Again, many thanks to this community for your well considered and
professional input and commentary on Grant Applications - your feedback
helps ensure Council makes well informed decisions on Grants.

        Beyond 2020 Alliance

Linux Australia is delighted to be a founding partner in the Beyond 2020
Alliance - a collaborative effort between Internet Australia, IT
Professionals Australia (formerly SAGE-AU) and the Telecommunications
Society of Australia, aimed at reshaping the conversation around the NBN
- and driving evidence-based and research-backed discussions over the
future of Australia's digital infrastructure post 2020.

You can join the conversation at http://www.beyond2020.net.au,
@Beyond2020All on Twitter or https://www.facebook.com/Beyond2020All on

Especial thanks go to George Fong for his ever-respectful, diplomatic
and quietly determined momentum in bringing the group together.

        Linux Australia rebranding

With special thanks to Sae Ra Germaine (Secretary), Cameron Tudball
(Vice President) and David Bell (Committee Member), we've now developed
a Rebranding Brief. We've approached Tania Walker (graphic designer for
LCA2017 and LCA2018) given her well-received work with the organisation
in the past - essentially as a preferred supplier - and offered her the
opportunity to provide first quote for the rebranding work. 

Rebranding work is required before we redevelop our Membership platform
and website.

As always, if anyone from the community would like to be involved in
this tranche of work, we'd love to have your input.

        Linux Australia partnership with VALA Tech Camp

Linux Australia is delighted to partner with VALA on the VALA Tech Camp,
to be held 11-13th July in Melbourne.


Linux Australia is funding a Diversity Scholarship, aimed at increasing
representation of Indigenous and rural/remote practitioners in technology.

We're also facilitating the delivery of a two-hour Introduction to
Python, and I'd like to extend thanks to Gala Camacho and Noon Silk from
the Melbourne Python communities for their involvement, and to Brianna
Laugher from PyLadies Melbourne for her behind the scenes efforts also.
I'll also be delivering an introduction to free and open APIs. 

        Linux Australia partnership with WordCamp

We're still finalising details on this one, however the general approach
is that WordCamp will channel funds to WordPress Meetups in Australia
via Linux Australia. Many thanks to Josepha Haden from WordCamp, and to
Dee Teal from the Australian WordPress community for their input and
assistance on reaching this stage.

        Linux Australia on Facebook and LinkedIn

We now have our own Facebook presence at

and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/2966738

        Linux Australia events

Many LA-auspiced events are now in full swing, and I encourage you to
explore them further.

          JoomlaDay Australia Sydney - https://joomladay.org.au/ - June
          17-18, UTS Sydney

This one-day event brings together the Australian Joomla community for
talks and workshops. Big kudos to Peter Bui for all his efforts here.

          WordCamp Brisbane  - https://2017.brisbane.wordcamp.org/ -
          July 22-23, QUT Gardens Point

Tickets are now on sale for another spectacular WordCamp event, brought
to you by Dion Hulse, Cameron Jones, Ricky Blacker, Hannah Malcolm,
Robert Wilde and Peter Bui.

          Pycon AU  - https://pycon-au.org/ - August 3-8, Melbourne
          Convention Centre

A huge congratulations to all Speakers who received their acceptances
yesterday, and to all who submitted to the CfP. It's shaping up to be an
incredible event. Big thanks to Richard Jones and his excellent crew.

          DrupalSouth - https://drupalsouth2017.drupal.org.nz/ -
          November 16-17, Auckland

The CfP for attendees and speakers is now open. Big thanks to Pamela
Clifford and Nicole Kirsch and Sparks Interactive for all their efforts

          linux.conf.au 2018 - January 22-26, UTS Sydney

Planning is now well underway for linux.conf.au 2018 to be held next
January in Sydney. Big thanks to Bruce Crawley, James Polley and the
team for all their hard work to date. You won't want to miss this!
It's time to start thinking about your #CfP submissions, as #CfP will
open in a couple of months.

          GovHack - https://govhack.org - July 28-30, everywhere

Although Linux Australia is not auspicing GovHack this year, we
encourage you to take a look and get involved - http://www.govhack.org

        Upcoming Conference Bids

Bids for linux.conf.au 2020 will open in June, so if you're interested
in running the best Linux conference in the world in your home town,
it's time to start getting serious!

We have not received any Bids for Open Source Developers' Conference
this year. Pycon AU bids are sought through the Pycon AU community.

As always, your comments, questions, feedback and constructive criticism
are warmly welcomed.

Kind regards,


Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

0418 130 636

president at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479 

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