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Cristina Garduno Freeman cristina.garduno at unimelb.edu.au
Wed May 17 10:58:53 AEST 2017

Dear Adam, Tim and Linux Community,

Thank you for taking the time to read our grant application and provide feedback and comment.

In regards to the budget items for labour costs I can clarify that an Academic Level A.8 is an entry level position in academia, with Level E being a Professor. This time is allocated to liaising with the Open Source Assistant and the rest of the research team to ensure that the open source data set is as rich as possible, whilst maintaining academic integrity and adherence to ethics permissions required by the University. The Open Source Assistant has been budgeted at HEW Level 4, as their role will be to both advise on the formation of the Open Source Dataset as well as its delivery in conjunction with the research team. This is a mid-range level as the scale goes from HEW Level 1 to HEW Level 9. Without funding for these roles, we will not be able to make the resources available to the community who has funded the films, or to the larger community interested in regional redevelopment, industrial heritage and adaptive re-use, and maker culture.

In regards to the licences for the Open Source Dataset we propose to use the Creative Commons systems dependent on the data itself, but are also seeking the advice of the National Wool Museum who have expertise in this matter. We of course would also value the comments of this community who has expertise in this area and would be happy to engage in discussions, should the project go ahead.

The project will produce two types of data – the footage itself from the making of the films which we would propose to make available under Creative Commons “Share Alike” Licence. For other material sourced from archives, news articles, academic articles and social media users, licencing will need to conform with how that original material is licensed, (information that will be indicated in the index of the data) or negotiated with the copyright holder, which is why a small budget item has been allowed.

I hope this clarifies these aspects of the project. Your questions raise valuable points and are appreciated.

Kind regards


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On 17/5/17, 8:44 am, "linux-aus on behalf of Linux Australia President via linux-aus" <linux-aus-bounces at lists.linux.org.au on behalf of linux-aus at lists.linux.org.au> wrote:

    Hi Adam,

    Firstly thanks for your well considered feedback.

    I just wanted to clarify that labour and professional services costs are

    able to be included in Grant Applications as per the grant process and

    template at:


    In terms of continuous improvement, Linux Australia will review our

    Grants Program after the Grants period ends (September 30) and look to

    make amendments based on community feedback - and the inclusion of

    labour and professional services costs may be one of those areas.

    Kind regards,


    On 16/05/17 13:42, Adam Nielsen via linux-aus wrote:

    >> There are also terms in the budget which are not familiar to myself

    >> (and probably others including) "2 Days Academic Level A.8 + OnCosts"

    >> and "40hrs HEW4 + OnCosts", could you expand on what these mean?

    > Academic A.8 and HEW4 are standard pay levels used for university

    > employees.  Most institutions will have a HR page where they list these

    > levels and what the corresponding salary is.  On-costs are things that

    > the employer has to pay on top of what the employee sees (e.g.

    > superannuation, leave entitlements, etc.)  This type of request is

    > quite normal for a "professional" grant, and I think this is one of the

    > most professional grant requests we have yet seen.


    > Basically these two items are a request to pay someone's regular

    > salary, to get two days of an academic's time, and a week of a

    > professional staff member's time.


    > I'm in two minds about whether LA grants should cover salaries.  It

    > seems that we could get more benefit by funding those projects where

    > people will donate more of their time, but then hopefully if you pay

    > someone you will get the job done faster.  And we don't seem to have a

    > shortage of grant funds.


    > I guess if the data is ultimately beneficial to the Linux community

    > then it is probably worth it.


    > Cheers,

    > Adam.

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