[Linux-aus] Linux Australia has voted in favour of removing Mr Stuart Benjamin as the Chair of auDA

Linux Australia President president at linux.org.au
Mon Jul 31 14:37:26 AEST 2017

It's a fair question Craige.

The removal of the Chair was largely symbolic - it was a vote of no
confidence in the current approach of the auDA board to issues such as
member communications, transparency of decision making and openness of
strategy. Our working assumption (which has transpired) was that an
Acting Chair would be appointed, and it was our hope that a robust
approach would be used to replace the Chair. That has also transpired,
with the Board today resolving to convene an appointment committee to
independently recruit a new, independent Chair. 

The other key outcomes that I observed from the SGM (I will forward
minutes if/when they are available) were:
(For full transparency I observed via GoTo Meeting)

  * Cameron Boardman, CEO, outlined the process that had been taken
    around establishing a new .au Registry
  * The Board were at pains to be receptive to Member feedback, and
    committed to using this feedback to inform their future mode of
  * The level of dissatisfaction with Members about the transparency of
    operations of auDA was palpable, with several calls for
    minutes/agenda publication on the website to again occur, although
    there was no resolution made to do so.
  * There was strong resentment from Members present against the
    decision to open up top level registration into the .au namespace,
    given the commercial implications for many Members of the Demand
    class - who earn their livelihoods through services in the existing
    2LD spaces - .com.au, net.au, .org.au and so on. SEO practitioners
    also appeared to be opposed to the .au TLD registrations opening up. 
  * Relations between auDA and AusRegistry - the incumbent registry
    provider - appear significantly strained, with Boardman declining to
    allow AusRegistry to provide operational updates to the auDA board
    while the Registry Tender / EoI process is underway

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On 31/07/17 11:23, Craige McWhirter via linux-aus wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 08:28:03 +1000, Russell Stuart via linux-aus wrote:
>> On Mon, 2017-07-31 at 08:08 +1000, Craige McWhirter via linux-aus
>> wrote:
>>> I haven't seen whom we're voting to replace Mr Benjamin with and how
>>> they plan to address the concerns you've raised.
>> You can't do that It impossible to do that until you know who has been
>> nominated for the office!
> Not impossible, a reasonable question for which their may or may not be answer.
> You're focussing on technical process a little to tightly Russell. In my
> experience people rarely role a sitting leader without there being someone else
> in mind, regardless of whether a nomination process has commenced or not.
> I doubt a that council with the calibre of ours merely approved rolling the
> sitting office holder without any thought having been given to what | who
> happened next.
> Hence my question.
> --
> Craige
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