[Linux-aus] DKIM and DMARC

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Wed Jan 4 18:46:52 AEDT 2017


It appears the below email proporting to come from Russell Coker is fake. 
It fails DKIM authentication and according to coker.com.au's published 
DMARC records any email pretending to come from him that fails this lookup 
must be rejected.


Okay, to be serious the only real solution if we want people who are using 
DMARC to be able to participate in mailing lists is to re-write to From 
address of emails containing it.

It looks ugly but when they explicitly tell me "Drop any emails from my 
domain that are not properly signed" and large providers like google and 
yahoo will there are not a lot of good choices.

On Wed, 4 Jan 2017, "Fake" Russell Coker wrote:
> https://dmarc.org/
> The configuration of the LCA chat list now forces everyone who uses DKIM to
> also use DMARC, see the above page for information on DMARC.
> As there is a significant overlap between the membership of the LCA chat list
> we now need this list to work with people who use DMARC.
> Some time ago I turned off DMARC on my domain due to problems with this list
> (some MTAs rejected enough mail from me to cause their users to get
> unsubscribed).  Now that I have been forced to enable DMARC and other members
> of this list are forced to do the same we need to make this list work with
> I suggest that the first step is to increase the number of bounces needed to
> unsubscribe a member from the list.  Then we have a little more time to
> experiment with mailman settings.
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