[Linux-aus] [LACTTE] Should Linux Australia change its name to Open Source Australia?

Jack Burton jack at saosce.com.au
Wed Dec 27 14:57:33 AEDT 2017

On Mon, 25 Dec 2017 01:14:08 +1100
Linux Australia President <president at linux.org.au> wrote:
> To address a number of points that have been raised;
>         Should the vote go ahead? Should we add more naming options?
> Council discussed this at length at Thursday night's Council meeting,
> noting how close the proposed Open Source Australia name was to Open
> Source Industry Australia. We followed up with Jack Burton on Friday
> as an OSIA representative to seek input as to next steps - and I'd
> like to publicly thank Jack for his time and professionalism.

Thanks Kathy for your kind words. I'd also like to thank you and your
colleagues on the Linux Australia Council for reaching out to us at
OSIA on this matter. That was much appreciated.

> Given the timeframes involved, and recognising that there are
> community opinions expressed for and against a name change, for many
> reasons, we have decided to proceed with the ballot, knowing that the
> name change will likely be defeated. I would also like to be
> transparent that this was not the preferred course of action from
> OSIA; we recognise that and this is in no way intended to antagonise
> that relationship - we've started something and we want to follow it
> through to a logical conclusion. Further, adding more potential names
> at this late stage is unlikely to be productive; the reason Open
> Source Australia was given as an alternate name is that it had the
> highest polling in the last name change poll around 5 years ago.

Just to continue that spirit of transparency, I'd like to add that OSIA
did *not* ask for the vote to be stopped either. We have no objection in
principle to Linux Australia changing its name -- our only concerns
have been around the specific name being put forward (OSA) and its
potential for brand confusion with OSIA.

The current OSIA board would have preferred to see as the new
name for LA being voted on some other name (e.g. OSCA, as Andrew
suggested a few days ago) such that the comparison between LA's new
name & OSIA's would better describe the respective community / industry
focus of the two complementary orgs -- but at the end of the day of
course it will be a decision for Linux Australia's members, not OSIA's.

We wish Linux Australia all the best in future, whatever decision its
members make in the current poll.

As Kathy pointed out:

> Regardless of outcome, the discussions around changing the name of
> Linux Australia will likely continue; this is a positive step.

...and we hope that something along the lines suggested will emerge
from those discussions.

> * Should OSIA merge with Linux Australia?
> This is a decision for OSIA first, and only an issue for Linux
> Australia should OSIA wish to broach it; this has not been formally
> broached. Our understanding is that OSIA are attempting a "reboot" to
> breathe new life into the organisation - and my feeling is that it is
> premature to ask this until the outcome of this measure is clearer.

I completely agree with Kathy on that -- M&As of any type are not
something which OSIA could even contemplate before February. Even then,
I doubt that such an approach would be made if at all avoidable, for the
reasons I raised briefly on this list last Wednesday and again over on
osia-fin@ on Sunday.

> Discussions with OSIA over the last few days have highlighted a number
> of areas and specific paths with with Linux Australia and OSIA could
> co-operate as independent, yet collaborating organisations - my thanks
> are again extended to Jack Burton for outlining these. They centre
> around co-operation on approaches to government around policy
> formation.

Thanks again Kathy. OSIA's interim board support OSIA & LA
collaborating in future, and I look forward to discussing the
possibilities in that area with you furthre over the next month or so.


Jack Burton FACS CP <jack at saosce.com.au>
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