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Linux Australia President president at linux.org.au
Fri Dec 1 20:25:02 AEDT 2017

Hi everyone, and hope this note finds you keeping cool, and dry. Stay
safe over the next couple of days.

We are a very passionate community. We're passionate about what
we do, and how we do it. We all want to have a space here that is
friendly, comfortable and welcoming. We don't always know though how to
do that - and sometimes jokes with the best of intention don't carry
through this medium well. Similarly, efforts to call out that behaviour
can also come across as blunt. 

Be inclusive rather than exclusive, even if it's a joke. Be kind. Be
welcoming. Think twice about how your post will be read and interpreted.
Do call out people on their behaviour, and equally try to do that in a
way that saves them face, and allows them to participate again
appropriately. That might be privately first.

As a community, we're always going to wrestle with how we get our
culture right. We're a unique blend of personalities. Let's all strive 
to have a better community - incrementally - every d ay. 

One of the best pieces I've seen lately on this is 'We don't do that here'.

Being exclusionary, embarrassing others, being unwelcoming, or hurtful,
or unkind - or unthinking.

We don't do that here.

Kind regards, 

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

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