[Linux-aus] Grant Application: Promotion of FOSS in undergraduate Computer Science, Information Technology and Software Engineering degrees at the University of Newcastle

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Hi All,



I see no defined issue with the aim of the project – my apologies for not being able to decipher it initially; it just didn’t leap out at me.


I guess the question for me leads to, would it be appropriate to fund it fully? Partially? Work with the requestor at committee level to improve the likelihood of the membership approving the project?


I think many of the members have expressed how they might like any concerns met (including even what type of drawing program to use!). I think Mark’s been more than willing to answer any concerns and within his own sphere of influence seems willing to help promote LA’s goals.


I’d be happy to leave this to the committee to either approve, disapprove or recommend another type of action.







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Hi David,

> On 3 Apr 2017, at 12:55 pm, David Lloyd <lloy0076 at adam.com.au <mailto:lloy0076 at adam.com.au> > wrote:
> What do you want to do?

To summarise the project aim, we are looking to update course material for our Comp Sci/IT/Soft Eng courses to ensure that we aren’t only providing students closed-source options.

Perhaps a couple of examples would help clarify further.

1. workshops where we only provide steps that work on the Windows platform. The grant would pay an undergraduate student to work with me to ensure that an alternate workshop is create for students that want to complete that work under Linux.

2. assignments where we ask students to draw diagrams using software only available on Windows - for example UML diagrams. We would research and provide documentation showing students some FOSS alternates to that software.


fwiw, I have used visual paradgim [1] a *lot*. It is cross platform and the community version is free. 


For sequence diagram you can you use this [2]. The good things is can write, instead of draw it,  the diagram, so the diagram can be version controlled. 


[1] https://www.visual-paradigm.com/

[2] https://www.websequencediagrams.com/


3 course such as our Operating Systems course provides a lot of theory, but not a lot of practical demonstration. This grant would pay for an undergrad to work with me to present a case study of how some of that theory is implemented in the Linux kernel.




I hope that helps clarify.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Mark Wallis (Associate Lecturer)

School of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
The University of Newcastle, Callaghan, 2308, NSW


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