[Linux-aus] LCA2016 post event report

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Sat May 28 21:40:10 AEST 2016

My Feedback on the report.

1. There are several recommendations around Zookeepr, It'll be interesting 
to see how the Symposion/TCRSTIRSW [1] conference management software goes 
in 2017.

2. The mobile app was very useful (I was using the official Android one), 
would recommend future conferences strongly consider it.

3. Agree with all the Dinner feedback.

4. Having the accommodation away from the venue and nighttime options 
wasn't the best. However having most delegates at the same venue really 
helped for ad-hoc stuff.

5. Re the Miniconf speaker sync then if you want it then you have to
    really say up front and enforce it

5a. Also decide early. Miniconf CFPs will go out soon after the Miniconfs 
are accepted and they will need to include talk lengths.

5b. 10 minute gaps in the middle of 100min sessions are a big lose of 
time, I'd recommend no longer than 5.

5c. Miniconfs that don't expect people to come and go have a lower 
incentive to follow that schedule.

5d. If you have a lot of short talks in a Miniconf it is easy to get 
off-schedule in the event of problems (eg video this year).

5e. You are always going to get some mis-match between Miniconfs with 
longer and those with shorter sessions.

6. I found that Video was a bit more of a problem than the doc would 
indicate, a significant percentage of our Miniconf speakers had problems 
getting their laptops to work. Hopefully this was due to 2016 being a 
tough point in the technology cycle for video.

7. Keynote questions. Agree the curation worked pretty well, much better 
than the alternative.

8. Speakers room, BOF room, sprint room, etc. More rooms are better but 
not always possible :(

9. Perhaps have [some] lightning talks as a separate slot opposite 
talks rather than in front of everybody.

10. Agree the Last minute changes to Miniconf schedules need to be simple. 
They happen and if possible the Miniconfs orgs should be able to do them 
rather than a team member having to go though a complicated/duplicated 
manual process.

[1] "That conference registration software that is 'registration' spelt 

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