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Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Wed May 25 12:31:42 AEST 2016

On Wed, 25 May 2016 08:43:32 AM Mark Foster wrote:
> > But I have one suggestion.  The report mentions the on-call number, I
> > think that this is a great thing and something that more conferences
> > should do (I think it's been around since the last LCA in Perth). 
> > However I think that there should also be an Internet based method of
> > contacting the conference organisers in an emergency such as Jabber. 
> > When I attended the LCAs in NZ I never got an NZ SIM and relied on IM
> > via the conference Wifi for remaining in contact.  Presumably some
> > people from other countries who attend LCAs in Australia do the same
> > thing.
> > 
> > I don't think that monitoring Jabber would be any additional effort for
> > whoever has the on-call phone but it could provide a significant benefit
> > for delegates from other countries.
> Kathy mentioned spinning plates which is a great anology, however, it's
> more simple than that:
> - During LCA2015 Operating Hours the NOC monitored
> a) Phone
> b) IRC
> c) Twitter
> d) Email
> e) Radio Telephone link to other key organisers.
> So is your need for comms with the organisers synchronous, i.e. does it

Firstly please note it's not "my need", it's a planned service by the 
conference to provide an on-call number for reporting CoC violations etc.  
Some years past LCA organisers made the good decision to provide such a number 
and it's become an ongoing part of the services provided.

> need a real-time interaction - or is it something where the response can
> be delayed by minutes/hours?

The people who made the decision to provide a number obviously did so because 
they felt that something more immediate than email and more private than 
Twitter was needed.

> If your requirement is real-time then nothing would beat the phone, and
> the other mediums would clearly get you a near-realtime response during
> manning hours.
> if your requirement is real-time and after-hours (i.e. urgent) then I
> think making a phonecall is not unreasonable.

It's not "my requirement".  So far I have not needed to call the on-call 
number and when LCAs are in Australia (most years) I will be able to make 
phone calls.

> To keep adding other means of engagement is to keep adding work to a
> team who are already working hard. When they provide several means of
> contact already I'm not sure there's any added value.
> And there's an onus on the people making contact, to select the medium
> appropriate for their urgency and other requirements.

So if I witness a CoC violation at an LCA in NZ I should just tweet about it 
with the conference hashtag?  :-#

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