[Linux-aus] LCA2016 post event report

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed May 25 00:19:58 AEST 2016

On 05/24/2016 11:22 PM, Russell Coker wrote:
> But I have one suggestion.  The report mentions the on-call number, I think
> that this is a great thing and something that more conferences should do (I
> think it's been around since the last LCA in Perth).

LCA2008 had an oncall number, which entered a hunt-group of team mobile 
numbers out of hours. Pretty much every year since then has one, and 
they generally are referenced on the house keeping slides during the 
morning sessions.

> I don't think that monitoring Jabber would be any additional effort for whoever has the on-call phone

The on-call phone is carried by a core team member during the day, and 
by a roster of team members over night for the week of the conference. 
To request a core team member finish a near 12-hour day, and then spend 
another 8 to 10 hours staying awake in the off-chance a jabber message 
will come in, might be a little bit too much to ask people who are 
generously volunteering their time already.


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