[Linux-aus] Jacob Appelbaum

Andri Effendi fusionman133 at gmx.de
Tue Jun 21 00:36:38 AEST 2016

Basically what is happening is that some people in this community have
decided to act as judge and jury without any respect for due process or
the rule of law.

By someone's own admission:
"we are not discussing jailing him or imposing any other punishment.
Merely not allowing him to use LCA as a way of finding future victims."

These are the people are playing Judge and Jury.

Yet they have the nerve to say:
"Don't let evil people corrupt our community"

If there is "evil people" in our community they should PROVE IT, but
instead they are not going to.

If Jacob Appelbaum is the person that these people say he is.

Why don't they prove it?
Why don't they take it to the proper authorities?

I would have nothing against a proper lawful investigation.
Because guilty people must face justice, Under the Law.

People can't just make these aggressive accusations without reporting it
to the authorities where it can be officially investigated.

I can not speak for anyone here, but I do suspect I am not the only
suspicious one.

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