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Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Mon Jun 20 17:57:03 AEST 2016

On Mon, 20 Jun 2016 05:25:58 PM Andri Effendi wrote:
> People should not pass automatic guilt judgment regardless of what ever
> rumors or claims are going around.

It's not rumors, it's clear reports from people who are known to be 
trustworthy and reliable.

> Accusations of sexual "miss treatment" have been floating around, but no
> evidence or legal proceedings have proven that they are true.
> You must prove a person's guilt in court before jumping the gun and
> banning them from everything.

You must prove guilt in court before sentencing them to jail.  We are not 
talking about sentencing him to jail, just declining to do business with him.

It's quite common for businesses to ban customers for a variety of reasons.

> Claims like this: "You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide"
> Joseph Goebbels.

That's a Godwin violation right there.

> What do WE stand for??
> I stand for that Jacob Appelbaum is presumed innocent until Proven Guilty.
> Any damaging claims that are unfounded can lead to defamation/libel law
> suits and also Put an innocent persons Life in serious jeopardy.

You can permit him to attend any conferences you run.

> Is banning Jacob Appelbaum from the community that he has paid a
> significant price (his life) in order to be part of, without due process
> is acceptable nowadays in this community?

He is still alive, that price hasn't been paid.

> Treating Jacob Appelbaum as guilty automatically without going through
> the Legal System to prove guilt undoes everything our community
> supposedly believes in.

Not at all.  He has already been expelled from many organisations he was a 
member of.

> We must seriously think of the very likely possibility that this was a
> setup, as Jacob Appelbaum has been seen as a threat to the powers at be,
> for a very long time because of his journalistic work, TOR Project work
> and other activities.

They could have got rid of him at any time by planting some drugs in his 
luggage.  Why would they instead spend years coercing a variety of well known 
people into making false accusations?  Your claim just doesn't make any sense.

> Otherwise this might as well be the spanish inquisition.

I'm not aware of any Spanish Inquisition that banned people from attending 
conferences.  I am aware of a Spanish Inquisition that tortured and murdered 
people.  Can you provide a citation about that other Spanish Inquisition that 
I have never heard of?

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