[Linux-aus] Clarifying our position

Hugh Blemings president at linux.org.au
Fri Jul 1 20:03:52 AEST 2016

- A statement from the President and Council of Linux Australia -

Last week Linux Australia issued a statement regarding Jacob Appelbaum.
That statement did not communicate our position effectively, and in some
cases resulted in our commitment to safety at events being called into
question. We apologise for creating this perception. This statement
seeks to address that.

To date, Mr Appelbaum has not sought to be involved in any upcoming LA
events.  In general, individual event organisers decide who is admitted
to LA events, and LA supports event organisers in deciding to exclude
individuals who pose a risk to the safety of their event.

Specifically based on the various sources making and supporting the
allegations against Mr Appelbaum, the organisers of future LA events
including linux.conf.au 2017 and PyCon Australia 2016 have made the
decision to exclude Mr Appelbaum from their events. LA unequivocally
supports the organisers in this decision.

Further, in any future situation where serious concerns about behaviours
of an individual exist, LA will work with organisers of LA events and
take appropriate action to ensure that the safety of delegates at those
events is assured.

Linux Australia is committed to upholding event Codes of Conduct (CoCs).
LA is strongly committed to the core values of inclusiveness and safety
that underpin our community.  We strive to provide safe and inclusive
event environments where all feel welcome.

We want to be clear that the harm many members of the open source,
privacy, and information security communities have described from Mr
Applebaum is extremely serious, and would be against our event Codes of
Conduct. We commit to taking action under our Code of Conduct when
members of our community are harmed or are at risk from other members
and attendees.

We appreciate the feedback on this topic, and are striving to
continually improve our policies and procedures in this area such that
we are better positioned to address complaints of this nature should
they occur in the future.

We welcome the input and support of all in our membership in
accomplishing this. The Council is additionally planning to assemble a
working group of experienced volunteers to improve our community safety,
including by refining the Code of Conduct and its enforcement.

President (Hugh Blemings) and Council,
Linux Australia

- Ends -

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