[Linux-aus] SPF problems too

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Fri Jan 15 20:07:36 AEDT 2016

On Fri, 15 Jan 2016 04:57:16 PM Steve Walsh wrote:
> On 01/15/2016 02:11 PM, Russell Coker wrote:
> > I tried to send a mail to the council (at the address advertised on the
> > web site) about the DKIM/SPF issues.  I have attached the bounce.  It
> > seems that the LA servers are broken regarding SPF.
> thank you for your email.
> It looks like your email came through to the list OK, so I'd wager that
> were you to send your original email to "committee at lists.linux.org.au"
> [0], it would have been delivered successfully as well.

Sure if I had sent it to an address that's not advertised rather than the one 
that was on the LA web site it might have worked better.  But really it should 
just work.

> If you have a concern that something may not be working correctly, It's
> often best to let the admin team know directly [2], rather than post a
> complaint to the mailing list, which we may not see for a few days.

I haven't had good success with that.  On the 12th of January 2015 I had an 
email I sent to admin-team at admin.linux.org.au bounce from your address because 
your server does SPF checks and at that time rejected mail that had gone 
through the LA server.

On at least two occasions I've sent mail to LA council members because the 
list didn't like them and asked if they could raise the issue of the LA list 
not accepting SPF protected mail.

As an aside our discussion in January 2015 was sparked by me experimenting 
with DMARC and causing a bunch of people to be forcibly unsubscribed from this 
mailing list when hotmail and maybe some other servers rejected the messages.

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