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Are you on the lca2016-chat list? That's normally a good place to ask
LCA questions at.


On 13 January 2016 at 19:30, Tennessee Leeuwenburg
<tleeuwenburg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am running a tutorial on data science at LCA. The chief language used will
> be Python, but users of other technologies will still find the concepts
> relevant. In preparation for this, I will be dusting off my slide deck,
> re-running the code, and updating the content with a small amount of new
> findings from the last 6 months. This is also an opportunity to focus the
> content on what the LCA audience might be most interested in.
> Does anyone on this list have any particular questions around data science /
> machine learning / AI which they would like to see answered?
> The session is practical, with supplied code and data, and audience members
> should be able to re-create the results while the session is being
> presented. Are there any particular problems that people are confronted
> with? I might not be able to re-work a major case study, but I should be
> able to incorporate some relevant examples...
> Cheers,
> -T
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