[Linux-aus] Confound It @ MemberDB :)

Craige McWhirter craige at mcwhirter.com.au
Tue Jan 12 15:57:13 AEDT 2016

On 12/01/16 14:07, David Lloyd wrote:

> That said, we could patch the code such that it had a myriad of voting 
> systems such that depending on which one was chosen (and it could be 
> chosen after the election) depended on who got elected. We could then 
> "sell" this open source system to various "democratic governments in the 
> world" who seem to operate on "democratic elections so long as I can 
> retrospectively change the voting system such that I win" type 
> democracies.

I'm not familiar with the code but comments from those who are made it
quite clear that memberdb would need some non-trivial re-factoring and
that similar effort could result in a voting module being added to free
software CMS.

*Then* it could be used around the world ;-)

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