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So easy I can install it.

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> On 11/01/16 16:23, David Williams wrote:
> > On 11 Jan 2016, at 5:15 PM, Mark Foster <blakjak at blakjak.net> wrote:
> > It is perhaps the same disappointing mentality that leads people to
> > take a well articulated policy direction that soundly sets forth
> > discussion items for the future of the association and instead make
it a
> discussion about where such a document should live instead of the
> content.
> As one of those "people"[1], I'd like to suggest it's a fair question.
> If you re-read at least my reply, you'll see that it's less about
"where" but
> more about "how".
> Google, like one of the suggestions, GitHub, are proprietary services
> (that do use a lot of otherwise "free as in freedom" software). So the
> points I made are not about the nature of the service.
> My point at least was that the nature of collaboration on Google
> is more difficult to follow and track. IMHO there are better ways to
> changes to documents like this where significant numbers of people
> have been invited to collaborate and patch.
> It is my opinion that are better tools for collaboration on that
> Many of those tools are Open Source, some are hosted by proprietary
> service providers and some can be self hosted, should the organisation
> desire. We can also switch more readily between either model and a
> number of providers without losing any accumulated meta data.
> Linux Australia already uses one option for some documents and there
> are many great examples, such as the documentation project in
> OpenStack (lead by one of our amazing members and worked on by
> many LCA attendees) that perform collaborative documentation, in
> anger, in the real world with great success, using Open Source or Free
> Software solutions.
> I would also argue that any service that requires people to have an
> account to a proprietary service (whether it's Github or Google) is a
> barrier of entry for many our community[3].
> Asking whether we can move to a more inclusive and technically
> manageable solution is a reasonable question, IMHO.
> I'd also like to suggest it's an important one given that the
> aforementioned document articulates a vision of Linux Australia taking
> larger role in advocating OpenSource software but is hosted on a
> proprietary service, which some members will not log into.
> > These people remind me of Mr Bean looking at Whistler's Mother and
> proclaiming "nice frame".
> >> Play the ball, not the man.
> [1] I not only asked that question but also participated in the
> via Google Docs [2] I've delivered Google Docs / Apps migrations for a
> number of businesses. No, the number is not zero ;-) [3] Not myself, I
> already have accounts on both
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