[Linux-aus] Inflection Point - A Strategic Plan for Linux Australia

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Tue Jan 5 17:20:12 AEDT 2016

> I think the document is a great foundation for a strategic plan but it's
> nowhere near ready, contains some community flash points that as they
> stand I don't expect will be accepted.
Fair point - do you see an alternative way of progressing the 
development or consultant of the document?
> There are also many action points contained within the document that are
> well within the Council's remit to act on during their term and don't
> require AGM approval.
Agreed - do we need to separate out in the document those pieces which 
need AGM versus Council approval?
> You would not want to bundle, say approval of membership management
> changes with approval of suggested orgnaisation name and mission changes.
> In the time frame that's being considered, it makes a great platform
> statement for a candidate for whom all those items ring as true.
True, as previously stated I'm undecided about whether to run. If I were 
to run, it would be to seek a mandate to effect the changes outlined in 
the document.
> However as a strategic plan, it needs much more development and I think
> some issues will need more community consultation to be accepted.
Fair point - what sort of shape or structure do you propose for that 


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