[Linux-aus] Inflection Point - A Strategic Plan for Linux Australia

Craige McWhirter craige at mcwhirter.com.au
Tue Jan 5 12:52:57 AEDT 2016

On 05/01/16 10:05, Kathy Reid wrote:

> - We provide until Sunday 10th January for commentary on the document
> (another five days)

Why such a tight time frame?

> - I'll then take another pass at synthesising or adding sections to the
> document based on the commentary
> - Clearly indicating which pieces will need to go to formal vote, either
> at Council or by Special General Meeting
> - And then issue another version of the document to the Community for
> feedback
> - And then formally submit the document to Council as a set of
> Recommendations, upon which they can choose to endorse or reject
> Does this seem like an appropriate way forward?

Thanks for getting that work down in a document. I have a minor suggestion.

Is it possible to convert the document to ReStructured text and post it
to a git repo, such as Github, Bitbucket or similar services, where
patches can be suggested and discussed more collaboratively?

I may be alone but I find the cathedral method using Google Docs makes
it quite hard to follow, track and contribute.

Thanks :-D

Craige McWhirter
M: +61 4685 91819
W: https://mcwhirter.com.au/

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