[Linux-aus] Proposal: two year overlapping terms, more council members

Tennessee Leeuwenburg tleeuwenburg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 15:36:13 AEDT 2016

Every year so far:
  -- Every major position has multiple credible candidates
  -- Including general positions as well as office bearer positions

If we are running the show with too few people involved, it's because the
various powers that be have chosen not to leverage effort from the

I don't see any reason not to "do something" with those extra people,
unless it's presumed to add more complexity to do so. In addition to the
"understudy" concept, we could also look at more project-based council
allocations (e.g. head of projects, head of this, head of that etc) which
could be either voting council member positions, or potentially just
recognised roles reporting to the council.

I think it's hard for ordinary community members to find the time to drive
through a major commitment when they also have to take on convincing both
the council and the community.



On 12 December 2016 at 15:19, Robyn Willison <robyn at robynspcs.com> wrote:

> On 12/12/2016 2:04 PM, David Lloyd wrote:
> Linux Australia doesn’t need more council members or more subcommittees.
> It needs people to be doing stuff that promotes its goals and aims...and I
> think that’s the main problem.
> This has always been a problem, so put your money where your words are
> people and don't just rant here. Join the council, volunteer on a
> subcommittee or working group.
> If you are unemployed and looking for work it is a good thing to pad your
> CV/resume with.
> Regards
> Robyn
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