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Wil Brown wil at zeropointdevelopment.com
Fri Dec 2 14:25:39 AEDT 2016

Hi Tim

Thanks for the follow up questions.  Here are my responses.

* * What existing hardware do you have and how is it currently being used?*
We have three meetups per month in the Sydney CBD, North Sydney TAFE
college and a startup office in Parramatta.
The CBD venue has a static wall mounted camera accessible by USB.
Unfortunately we cannot control position or zoom and the built-in mic pics
up the audience as it is mounted on a beam in the middle of the room.

The two other venues have no built-in camera and the other organisers don't
have videos cameras (just phones and photo cameras).

* * Can you provide a link to any existing videos that you have published?*
We have no existing videos as we don't have the hardware to record.

* * Can you provide information on who will be doing the recording, editing
and publishing of your videos?*
Our thoughts on recording would be that it would initially be in the CBD
and North Sydney locations as there is an organiser overlap of video
editing experience.
We would set the camera up in a static position to record speaker and
screen and use a radio mic to capture audio into the camera.  I believe all
Sony video cameras have an external mic input.

Both myself and James Carmody have experience with video editing - adding
titles, splitting video, synchronizing audio and compressing using Adobe
Premier.  We're currently editing the WordCamp Sydney videos getting them
ready for publishing to wordpress.tv

We can talk to the Parramatta organisers to see if anyone has editing
experience, however, there is uncertainty whether that meetup group will
continue in 2017.  We have an organisers meeting mid December to plan the
next 6 months.

There is the possibility that we will be creating a new WordPress
developers workshop meetup group in 2017, lead by myself initially - TBC.

I understand about the excitement factor of getting new toys only for them
not to be used.  We don't want that to happen.  Kristen, who lead the North
group and I who lead the CBD group have run the meetup for almost 5 years
now.  We have a second organiser present at each meetup, however, both
Kristen and I attend North and CBD groups so there are usually at least
three organisers at any given meetup, so recording person resources are not
an issue.

I have tried several times to use the wall-mounted camera in the CBD office
to take the video and syncronize audio from a radio mic recorded onto the
laptop but timing differences in the device frequencies meant that the
audio track and the video ended up slipping out of sync on longer
presentations.  Having the audio link into the same recording device
(camera) would stop that issue from happening.

I agree that video quality is not the only deliverable when putting
together a video, however the cameras we have at our disposal are very poor
quality, or do not have the storage capacity to record a 30min presentation
which is why we have not produced any video content thus far.

If we were to buy a video camera for this purpose I would prefer it to be a
decent HD quality product and something that can last over time.  We don't
quite need to go 4K yet though! :)

Presentation slides will be linked to from the video which we will publish
on YouTube - this format seems to work well on wordpress.tv.  We don't
quite have the time, resources or hardware budget to do in-video slide

** Have you tried reaching out to other groups in Sydney?*
The other tech groups that we go to or organisers we know do not have a
video kit.  The ones that do produce videos are fortunate enough to hold
their meetups in office spaces that are set up for producing AV content.

There is talk that the WordPress Community (formally WordPress Foundation)
are thinking of putting together a video kit for Asia-Pacific use (they
already have one for US and EU), however it is unlikely we as a local
meetup group would be able to get access to that.  It would likely only be
for WordCamp conferences.

I hope that helps you understand the position we are in and the request
that we have made however I completely understand if the council thinks the
investment is not a good choice at this time.

If you need me to further explain any part then I'm happy to do and you can
give me a call on 0423 526 829 or follow up on email.


On 1 December 2016 at 18:34, Tim Ansell <mithro at mithis.com> wrote:

> Hi Will,
> A bunch of questions,
>  * What existing hardware do you have and how is it currently being used?
>  * Can you provide a link to any existing videos that you have published?
>  * Can you provide information on who will be doing the recording, editing
> and publishing of your videos?
> Purchasing a camera is the easy part, unless you have a dedicated group of
> individuals who are doing recording you won't get any results (let alone
> usable ones). Typically what happens is that new equipment is purchased,
> someone gets excited about doing the recording, they record one or two
> events and then the equipment ends up collecting dust.
> Camera quality is also the *least* important part of capturing technical
> content, both the audio quality and slide capture quality is significantly
> more important and generally it is more sensible to invest money towards
> those. You have described your current setup, so it is unclear to me if you
> already have those areas covered already.
> Lastly, have you tried reaching out to other groups in Sydney? You might
> find that /someone/ has a large amount of recording equipment and would be
> interested in helping groups that are excited about recording their
> proceedings.
> Tim 'mithro' Ansell
> On 1 December 2016 at 17:42, Linux Australia Vice President <
> vice-president at linux.org.au> wrote:
>> As a matter of due diligence, I can confirm the following financials for
>> WordCamp Sunshine Coast and WordCamp Sydney (the latter which Wil ran with
>> the excellent help of Kristen Symonds as Treasurer).
>>    - Overall profit WordCamp Sydney: $21,348
>>    - Overall profit WordCamp Sunshine Coast: $6449
>> These amounts are inclusive of an amount we require events to return to
>> LA for assistance with items such as insurance, bank fees, auditing and so
>> on.
>> The approved budget for 2016-2017 financial year includes an amount of
>> $15k for grants and donations, and $10k of this is earmarked for Software
>> Freedom Conservancy (we've been waiting to see if $AUD to $USD becomes more
>> favourable, alas not). So, a $2k grant here would leave $3k remaining in
>> the grants budget.
>> TL;DR, this is within budget and represents no financial imposte to LA.
>> Kind regards,
>> Kathy
>> On 01/12/16 16:45, Wil Brown wrote:
>> Date: December 1st, 2016
>> Project Name: WordPress Sydney Video Camera
>> Aim of Project: To obtain a good HD quality video camera to record
>> presentations at local meetups and connected events.
>> Person Responsible for Request: Wil Brown
>> Request:
>> As co-organiser of the WordPress Sydney meetup and lead organiser of
>> WordCamp Sydney conferences I would like to apply for a $2000 grant to
>> purchase a good HD quality video camera and accessories (bag, tripod, mic,
>> SD cards) for our meetup events and related events such as WordCamp Sydney
>> and MeetupMixup Sydney.
>> The aim would be to publish presentations via YouTube to further engage
>> with the WordPress and open source community.
>> The camera would get good use at our WordCamp events as a hall cam to
>> engage directly with attendees.
>> Kind regards,
>> Wil.
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