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Nathan Bailey web at polynate.net
Thu Apr 28 08:54:50 AEST 2016

On 28 April 2016 at 07:48, Joshua Hesketh <josh at nitrotech.org> wrote:

> I'm not sure we need to put links to actual jobs on the home page. A link
> to the jobs page is important (as it's a popular part of the site) but it'd
> be unfair to feature some jobs more than others. Due to the erratic rate
> they come in having the most recent ones would be uneven. We could rotate
> through them, but we also don't remove jobs ever (unless by request).
> Instead employers just advertise when the position close. I don't think we
> gain anything from having them listed on the home page to make it worth it.

You could rotate jobs that are less than one month old? It does raise the
question of what to display if there are none <1 month old though.

> Not sure if we want to revive this section, but getting exposure to things
> like zookeepr, registrasion, tim's videos or other projects important or
> supported to LA could be cool. It'd also be nice to have things like grant
> requests, follow ups and progress reports etc.

I *really* like the idea of updates on grant requests and LA-affiliated
projects. Where grant requests have resulted in something with some
longevity, it would be cool to get updated reports too, if the grantees
were willing ("Here's what's happening six months later"). For events, we
could have a 1-2 minute video of testimonials from attendees, "I'm glad I
came to Drupal AU, it's really helped me see how to do X better."

This would be some indigenous content that would actually support/drive
LA's brand.
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