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ac ac at main.me
Mon Apr 25 01:54:31 AEST 2016

On Sun, 24 Apr 2016 19:52:12 +1000
Russell Coker <russell at coker.com.au> wrote:
> I think that new experiments in anti-spam measures are a good thing
> and I encourage your work in this regard.  But with regard to the
> current list spam problems I think it's best to solve it at the
> server end.  I will personally solve the LUV problem.  The problem

my offer is at the server end - practically it is just two things:

adding dnsrbl.russell.linux.org.au to dns zone file

and to add the new dnsbl.russell.linux.org.au to main.cf - smtpd_client_restrictions
(on postfix  at russell.linux.org.au at 

the moderators will have less spam to filter/approve manually - makes
life easier in the long term and also gives russell.linux.org.au
complete control - and that is for all the lists - all at the same
time :)

> with this list could be solved with a SPF check, we just need the LA
> council to discuss whether they should do SPF checks.  I encourage

Enforcing SPF in a world where not everyone has yet adopted SPF is

and the ultimate argument against strict SPF:

most domains anyway still have ~all - which simply means that as a
measure SPF is just another tool and not the tool.

Even gmail.com :: dig TXT @
_spf.google.com.        299     IN      TXT     "v=spf1
include:_netblocks.google.com include:_netblocks2.google.com
include:_netblocks3.google.com ~all"
Maybe a combination of spf and dkim - or seriously look at my post
again, it is very cool and empowering to control your own last mile...

Anyway, do you know of any partners that I can work with in AU or
anyone that may be interested in new tech - new products, etc ?

thanks Russel :)


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