[Linux-aus] [sort of OT] Making a better LCA Presentation - Avoiding "Death-By-Powerpoint" [1]

Ian ilox11 at gmail.com
Tue May 26 09:39:06 AEST 2015

I know this isn't about techy stuff and I know Powerpoint isn't an Open
Source product but the terminology is well known [1] even if the
presentation is on a different medium. We have all sat through
presentations with screen after screen of text and content that just has
overwhelmed/underwhelmed us and generally spoiled what might have been an
interesting topic. It doesn't have to be this way. Whether you use
PowerPoint or Impress or whatever presentation tool, it isn't about the
tool, it is about the presentation itself.

I would like to discuss - preferable off to one side so I'm not filling the
list up with non-Linux posts - how to help presenters for any LCA to
produce a better presentation and avoid the common presentation pitfalls. I
have previously been in discussion with Kathy and offered to help and
support  her Team and my offer to help is open to anybody thinking of
making a presentation for the 2016 LCA or any future event.

I don't think I can attend the next few LCA's (finances do not permit) but
between now and then I am happy to work through emails or Skype or whatever
1:1 with any presenter who would like help and advice on making a better
presentation and avoiding "Death-By-Powerpoint".

-- Ian

[1]  From Wiktionary: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/death_by_PowerPoint
"Noun: death by PowerPoint (usually uncountable, plural deaths by

the boredom of a dull PowerPoint presentation, normally consisting of
simple bulleted lists and conventional graphics "
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