[Linux-aus] TED conference connect app

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue May 26 04:48:10 AEST 2015

Hi Ian

On 05/24/2015 02:44 PM, Ian wrote:
> Would sure assist in putting together and attending a BOF as one example.

Great, thanks for volunteering to get this underway. I know conference 
tech teams have been wanting to get a smartphone app together for at 
least the last 4 years. Anything any of the previous conference tech 
people can do to help you with information on the ZK feed styles, etc, 
just give us a shout and we'll make sure you have all the information 
you need.

> Having the TED app would help put a lot of other things together too. 
> I like the idea of having a passive beacon to indicate attendance 
> numbers in a room for ex. Not too hard to get something like that 
> printed with sponsor name/logo and attach to lanyard.

And I'm sure a lot of our delegates would not love the idea of being 
passively tracked. You also need to keep in mind that who ever is 
installing this equipment has 5 hours on a Sunday afternoon before the 
conference to get all this installed, tested, and any bugs ironed out. 
Not to mention the privacy concerns, it's pretty easy in a week like LCA 
to be able to easily infer with a reasonable degree of accuracy who has 
what ID chip.

> I just think that if LCA wants to keep up with the claims about a top 
> technical conference then it is time it got out of the '80s way of 
> doing conferences and actually demonstrate some of that techiness that 
> it claims ;)

Looks like Chris and David have a technical volunteer sticking his hand 
up already. Congratulations! After all, the conference is what you as a 
delegate and volunteer make it.

> What it comes down to Russell, any conference can do Blue Hawaiian 
> shirts but a real Geek Conference should be known for being able to do 
> geeky things like RFID/Bluetooth/QR codes etc LOL

It's a shame you latch onto something a conference team put so much 
effort into in such a negative way. I'm sure if you were to get together 
the prices for RFID/Bluetooth/QR codes etc for 800 delegates and were to 
provide them to Chris and David, they'd love you enough to LOL too.

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