[Linux-aus] Grant Request: Contribute to the Drupal 8 Accelerate fund

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Thu Mar 19 14:13:41 AEDT 2015

Thanks Donna for raising this - some thinking points the community may 
wish to comment on below;

* Drupal events such as campus and code sprints are traditionally 
umbrella'd by the Drupal Foundation, however Linux Australia has 
auspiced these events in Australia for a number of very positive 
reasons, such as bypassing currency and international banking issues, 
and also being able to leverage some of the processes LA has in place to 
support events - such as seed funds. In return, Drupal events such as 
Drupal Down Under and Drupal South have returned profits to LA, instead 
of say, the Drupal Foundation. It therefore makes sense to me that LA 
would make a financial contribution to Drupal.

* One thing that struck me was the size of the funding that is being 
sought overall - it's a significant amount. Australia by comparison has 
a much smaller economy and fewer Drupal companies and practitioners by 
comparison to say the US, so I think it would be reasonable for the 
Drupal Association to expect a smaller contribution to be made by the 
Australian region.

* Reading through the process for gaining access to Drupal 8 sprint and 
code camp grants, this seems well thought out and legitimate - so people 
are not going to get money without some realistic expectation of 
progress towards Drupal 8.

I wonder if it would be appropriate for LA to make a financial 
contribution, but with an expectation that priority for those funds be 
given by Drupal Association to camp and sprint requests originating from 
Australia? This would make it a win-win - LA contributes and supports 
Drupal, but also aligns with our organisational values by supporting the 
Australian based Drupal community.

Kind regards,

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