[Linux-aus] What's happening with the Membership Committee?

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Thu Jun 18 21:52:37 AEST 2015

Hello Michael,

If that's a serious offer then that would be amazing! What we really
need though is somebody to champion the system, make sure it has all the
functionality and integration we need and help with the migration of

Kathy had a set of basic requirements that hopefully she'll share.

I think there are three very important primary goals I'd like to achieve.

1) Managing members (signing up, approving accounts, updating contact
details etc)
2) Managing elections
3) Contacting/mailing members

I'm not really sure what actually deploying civiCRM and migrating our
users sanely would look like. On top of that it also sounds like some
kind of voting module would need to be built. In other words, I'm not
sure how much work my top 3 priorities actually are.

If you're still interested let me know what you think or if you need any
help/resources (for example a dev/demo vm).


On 15/06/15 15:22, Michael Cordover wrote:
> On 15 June 2015 at 13:29, Joshua Hesketh <josh at nitrotech.org
> <mailto:josh at nitrotech.org>> wrote:
>     However, memberdb is in desperate need of an update. If we have
>     nobody volunteering to implement a CRM type system for Linux
>     Australia, and we do indeed still have volunteers looking at
>     improving our membership management platform, then I think we
>     should take them up on that kind offer as it'll be a great
>     improvement.
> You won't get any dissent from me on this.
> However, I think we may be overestimating the effort involved in a CRM
> implementation. My understanding is that CiviCRM meets all our
> membership management requirements, it just doesn't have a voting. Is
> this correct?
> I'd be happy to spend a couple of weekends hacking together a voting
> module; it's basically the existing nominate/vote/count parts of
> memberdb Drupalised.
> Until something is written and rigorously tested we can manage
> membership in CiviCRM and then pull the database into a memberdb
> instance. There are hooks in CiviCRM so that process is not
> particularly strenuous to automate (provided we know enough about
> memberdb internals to update the database directly, which I think we
> self-evidently do).
> Someone pull me up if I'm drastically underestimating the scope of
> this, but otherwise I'm happy to put my hand to at least spin up a
> CiviCRM test so we can start poking at something.
> Regards
> Michael

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