[Linux-aus] Proposing a membership subcommittee

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Fri Jan 16 09:06:30 EST 2015


this came up at the AGM and I think I was tricked into sending this
email then. There are a few of us interested in addressing systemic
issues with the way LA handles membership. Things like:

 - updating the memberdb code to something more modern
 - ensuring that when a LCA delegate checks the LA membership check
box they actually get added as a member
 - finding out why people who have dropped membership did so

I am sure there are other things we should do, but I don't want to
pre-empt the process too much. I also see this being a short term
thing and not an ongoing effort -- we just need a bit of a sprint to
pay down our accumulated debt in this area.

Who is interested in having a go at some of these problems?


Rackspace Australia

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