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Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
Mon Oct 13 22:56:27 EST 2014

As always, comments, questions and feedback warmly welcomed.
With kind regards,
Kathy Reid


    1. Meeting overview and key information


Mr Joshua Hesketh, Mr Christopher Neugebauer, Ms Kathy Reid (minutes), 
Mr Francois Marier, Mr Josh Stewart


Mr Hugh Blemings, Ms Sae Ra Germaine

Meeting opened by Joshua at 1947hrs and quorum was achieved

      Key Stats

Membership stands at: 3188 members (3182 last fortnight)

Twitter followers stands at: 864 (853 last fotnight)

Subscribers of linux-aus list stands at: 1650 steady

Subscribers of announce list stands at: 598 (594 last fortnight)

      Review last minutes and move MOTION that they be accepted

MOVED by Joshua Hesketh
SECONDED Christopher Neugebauer
CARRIED unanimously with one abstention

    2. Log of correspondence

      Motions moved on list

Nil motions moved on list this fortnight

      General correspondence


    Grant request from ALEX BAYLEY for Growstuff.org
    For further discussion and decision, two week period for community
    feedback has elapsed
    Funding campaign on Indiegogo is at about $4.5k. Open Food Web are a
    backer, whom we have previously funded. Noted that the project is an
    open source project on GitHub. The license for the project is
    AGPLv3, the data is Creative Commons SA licensed. We want to have a
    chat to the Open Food Web representatives to gauge their support for
    the project. General discussion around the amount of the grant
    request and that our proposed grants budget for 2014-2015 is $5000.


    MOTION by Joshua that Linux Australia reach out to Open Food Web to
    gauge their thoughts on the success of the previous grant request
    and on this grant request before making a further decision.
    SECONDED Josh Stewart
    CARRIED unanimously


    ACTION: Christopher Neugebauer to make contact with Open Food Web
    and report back to Council

    3. Review of action items from previous meetings


    ACTION: Joshua to respond to STEVEN KIERNAN re: Linux Independent
    Software Vendors
    UPDATE: In progress


    ACTION: Sae Ra to follow up MLUG listing on website
    Action complete, can be removed next minutes. Other links to be
    updated in due course. Council notes its thanks to Sae Ra for her
    efforts in keeping the website up to date.


    ACTION in progress with Admin team for 3 year spending plan for
    hardware replacement


    ACTION with Josh Hesketh to ensure 3 year server support package in
    Actions are in progress with Admin Team
    UPDATE: Admin Team have a hackfest coming up soon and this can be
    added to the agenda for the Admin Team to discuss.


    Discussion of YouTube assets raised by KATHY REID based on
    discussions with TIM ANSELL
    ACTION: Josh Stewart to work through with Tim Ansell in due course
    In progress, Josh has been working with LCA2015 team on this too.
    Awaiting access to servers to continue, but generally in progress


    Mailing list policy
    ACTION: all to read through for further discussion next meeting
    ACTION: all agreed to send to Policies mailing list for discussion,
    Kathy to action
    UPDATE: Has been sent to Policies list, some feedback received.
    Suggestions are reasonable and valuable.
    ACTION: Kathy to adopt the feedback into the draft policy and issue
    pull request to GitHub policy for further review.


    ACTION: brand/logo policy needs to go on backburner


    ACTION: We need to set up a VM to enable continuous delivery for
    ACTION: Francois to chat to the LCA2015 team to identify what the
    private git repositories are being used for. James Iseppi and Joshua
    Hesketh are also key contacts in this space. DONE
    ACTION: Joshua to discuss with LCA2016 process for managing ZooKeepr

    4. Items for discussion


        LCA2015 update
        Early bird registration opened today, going well
        ACTION: Kathy to use @linuxaustralia account to retweet
        @linuxconfau announcements


        LCA2016 update
        Progressing well


        LCA2017 update
        Site visits in progress


        PyCon AU update
        Nothing new to report


        Drupal South
        Nothing new to report


        Drupal Gov
        Has occurred, quite successful


        JoomlaDay Sydney
        Is occurring this weekend


        ACTION: Joshua to seek update


        Occurred late September, quite successful

    5. Items for noting

    6. Other business


    ACTION: Second Council face to face to be discussed briefly at next
    teleconf to allow Council to reflect on it.
    MOTION by Joshua that Council does *not* hold a second face to face
    in 2014
    SECONDED by Kathy Reid
    CARRIED unanimously.


    Noting that elections for the Council 2015 are likely to open in the
    next 10 weeks or so, Council were encouraged to give thought to
    their intentions for standing for Council next year to ensure a
    smooth transition for Council 2015, for discussion at next
    fortnight's teleconference (24 September)

    ACTION: Timeline for elections to be considered in October. Kathy to
    ensure this is placed on agenda in early October for discussion. To
    note that Clause (15)(6) of the Linux Australia Constitution states;

(6) The ballot for the election of office-bearers and ordinary committee 
members of the committee is to be conducted no more than 60 days before 
an annual general meeting or at the annual general meeting in such usual 
and proper manner as the committee may direct.

Therefore, given that the AGM is likely to be around Wednesday 14th 
January, we need to hold elections by around mid-November, ie around 7 
weeks' away.

NOTE: Am keeping on minutes deliberately so that we plan to open 
elections at a particular date - they need to be opened mid-November to 
remain in alignment with the constitution.

In progress, will be kept on minutes and agenda.


    Merging the Debian code of conduct based on LA code of conduct upstream
    (pull request to git repo)
    DEFERRED until Francois is present as he is closer to the change
    ACTION: Council to review proposed changes
    General discussion that the proposed change around discouraging the
    use of profanity in presentations is sensible, however Council noted
    that the issue here is really enforcement - it hasn't been enforced
    previously. Discussion over the word 'requires'. Some discussion on
    whether there are any classification frameworks that may provide
    guidance here.
    ACTION: Christopher to consider wording based on Council discussion
    and propose amendments


    Financial year closed


        Tidy up accounts


        Follow up DSW


        New budget


        LCA2015 expense note (re mikal email)

ACTION: Francois and Joshua to tidy up accounts, in particular 
DrupalSouth Wellington to allow books to be closed.

ACTION: All Council to review Budget 2014/2015, note concerns or 
questions with view to endorsing proposed Budget at next Council meeting.

ACTION: Francois to note LCA2015 expense note and action as appropriate


    Admin-team maintenance policy
    General discussion that a policy is required which meets needs of
    both parties - ie teams using the infrastructure are not inhibited
    and the Admin Team is not inhibited from patching, and keeping
    infrastructure up to date.
    ACTION: Kathy to liaise with Steve Walsh and offer assistance with
    policy if desired.

    7. In camera

Three items were discussed in camera

Meeting closed 2046hrs

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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