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Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
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Hi everyone,
Please see below Minutes of Council Meeting Tuesday 6th May.
As always your comments, feedback and questions are warmly welcomed.
With kind regards,


    Council Minutes Tuesday 6 May 2014

MINUTES Council Meeting

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata
2. Log any correspondence for discussion or receipt
3. Review state of action items from previous meetings
4. Discuss starred items
5. Note any unstarred items
6. Other business

Present: Joshua Hesketh, Josh Stewart, François Marier, Sae Ra Germaine, 
Christopher Neugebauer, Kathy Reid

Apologies: Hugh Blemings

Quorum was achieved and meeting opened 1946hrs.

      Key Stats


    Membership stands at 3125 members (3118 last minutes)


    Twitter followers stands at 752 (734 last minutes)


    linux-aus subscribers stands at 586 (586 last  minutes)


    announce subscribers stands at 1583 (1584 last minutes)

      1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or

    2. Log of correspondence


    Received with thanks OAMPS insurance policy and quote

    MOTION on list by HUGH BLEMINGS that OAMPS insurance policy be paid
    as quoted to value of $6633.91
    CARRIED by a majority of Council on list

PAID by François


    Westpac banking passwords received for ADAM MALONE and RUIJA LEE
    UPDATE: Adam has confirmed passwords received OK


    Offer of assistance with anti Trans Pacific Partnership agreement
    activities from PAUL GARDNER-STEPHEN
    UPDATE: Feedback was provided back to Josh S, for discussion on next


        Josh S Will add a comment about similarities with OSIA.


        Nearly ready to send.

UPDATE: Minor wording change requested from LUV
ACTION: Josh Stewart to revise and submit, very close to completion
DECISION: That the submission be submitted. Council is comfortable with 
Josh making the submission.

MOTION by Kathy Reid that Council endorse the submission

SECONDED Joshua Hesketh

CARRIED unanimously

MOTION by Joshua Hesketh that Council extend thanks to JOSH STEWART for 
his exemplary efforts in drafting the submission


CARRIED with one abstention (Josh Stewart)


    Received unpaid invoice from DrupalSouth 2014 for JOSH WAIHI
    ACTION: Kathy to take photo of invoice and submit to François for
    UPDATE: François has already processed
    IN PROGRESS, awaiting advice from JOSH WAIHI
    UPDATE: Now resolved and paid.


    LA video equipment for PyCon AU
    Multiple discussions on list around video equipment for
    linux.conf.au and PyCon
    UPDATE: In progress


    DebConf code of conduct use enquiry from MARTIN KRAFFT
    Enquiry responded to with approval to use under CC BY SA 3.0, no
    further action
    ACTION: Noted that the licences need a cleanup on Github. Joshua
    Hesketh to do some spring cleaning of licences on Github.


    Software Carpentry Bootcamp sponsorship request from PHILIPP BAYER
    Joshua Hesketh has responded indicating our financial position.
    Council discussed the sponsorship request and the provided quotes to
    review the value proposition of sponsorship and the benefits that
    would be returned to Linux Australia. Council comfortable providing
    in-kind support to assist.

    MOTION by Joshua Hesketh that Linux Australia respectfully decline
    to sponsor financially on this occasion but wish to provide in kind
    support on a goodwill basis.
    SECONDED Kathy Reid
    CARRIED unanimously

    ACTION:Joshua to communicate with PHILIPP BAYER


    New Zealand Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill from ANDREW RUTHVEN

    MOTION by Joshua Hesketh that Linux Australia recognises the
    significant cohort of New Zealand members of Linux Australia and the
    importance of the values covered in the New Zealand Internet Rights
    and Freedoms Bill and undertakes to review the process and content
    of the Bill with a view to possibly endorsing at a future stage.
    SECONDED Christopher Neugebauer
    CARRIED unanimously

      3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Mainly arising from Face to Face


    1. Announce new list CoC.
    In progress


    2. Review of the subcommittee policy is currently under way.

MOTION by Christopher Neugebauer that Linux Australia adopt the Linux 
Australia Subcommittee Policy as drafted 6th May 2014

SECONDED Joshua Hesketh
CARRIED with one abstention

MOTION by Christopher Neugebauer that all Linux Australia Conference 
Subcommittees reform under the new Subcommittee Policy as drafted 6th 
May 2014 as soon as practicable
CARRIED with one abstention

ACTION: Joshua Hesketh to update the website

ACTION: Joshua Hesketh to communicate appropriately to Subcommittees
ACTION: Council to get the Code of Conduct to approval stage and 
announce to relevant lists, including the policy list, where discussion 
of the Subcommittee Policy can take place.

MOTION by Joshua Hesketh that Council thank CHRISTOPHER NEUGEBAUER for 
his exemplary efforts in drafting the new Subcommittee Policy
SECONDED Joshua Stewart
CARRIED unanimously with one abstention (Christopher Neugebauer)

      4. Items for discussion


        LCA2015 update


            Filling team roles, esp Treasurer, in progress


        LCA2016 update


            Next meeting Sunday 4th May


            Meeting occurred, key things on track.
            ACTION: Kathy to send minutes of team meeting to Council to
            serve as reporting


        LCA2017 update


            ACTION: Joshua to resend call for Expressions of Interest
            No further Expressions of Interest received.
            ACTION: Joshua to resend another call in a fortnight.


        PyCon AU update


            CfP closed, responses increased towards end of CfP


            Registration opening date pending confirmation


            Council noted that Subcommittee formation will occur soon


            Noted that some assistance is required with
            ZooKeepr/Registration process


        Drupal South


            Venue booked - Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
            5th - 7th March


        Drupal Gov


            Banking passwords now sent through


            Good progress being made towards registration


        JoomlaDay Sydney


            Action with JoomlaDay Sydney to formally request
            Subcommittee formation

      5. Items for noting

      6. Other business

      7. In camera


        One item was discussed in camera

(internal Council note regarding availability of members due to travel 
removed from minutes to protect privacy of members)

Meeting closed at 2040hrs.

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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