[Linux-aus] Kiwi PyCon 2014: Childcare Survey

Tom Eastman tom at eastman.net.nz
Thu Jul 24 18:14:16 EST 2014

Good evening everyone :-)

It's great to see the sales start for this year's Kiwi PyCon, let's keep
it up!

Head over to http://kiwi.pycon.org/registration/ and sign up! We are in
the process of finalizing our speaker selection, and I'm more excited
about it than I've ever been. We have some amazingly cool talks lining up!

However, on to the matter at hand:

We are investigating the possibility of offering on-site childcare
during the main part of the conference for those of you who need it.

This will be a first for Kiwi PyCon and while we're keen to be able to
make things easier for those of you with children, we still have some
homework to do to see if this is going to be feasible for us to offer.

We've prepared a survey to help us gauge how many of you would use such
a service if it were made available to you.

Please head over to...


... and fill out the survey if this is a service you would be interested
in or would benefit from.

Thanks for your time!


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