[Linux-aus] Papua New Guinea Open Source Community

Grahame Jordan gbj at theforce.com.au
Wed Jan 22 18:38:16 EST 2014

On 01/22/2014 05:29 PM, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Jan 2014 22:20:48 Iceh Mahn wrote:
>> Aim of Project: Establish Open Source Community in Papua New Guinea
>> Person Responsible for Request: Isaac Manu - University of Papua New Guinea
>> Request:
>> 1. Training / Assistance to setup Open Source Community
> What training or assistance do you need?  While the request for LA support
> appears to have stalled there is still the possibility of LA members helping
> out on their own.  If you give us more details about what you need then maybe
> we can do something without involving LA.
>> 2. Overhead costs such as some bit of hardware, or bandwidth for an
>> open source project
>> 3. Resources such as web space, hosting, mailing lists
> What hardware/bandwidth do you need?  If you need hosting and it doesn't have
> to be in PNG then that's easy to arrange.  I can probably give you a virtual
> machine with plenty of disk space and bandwidth in Germany if that would help
> you, contact me off-list if that would be helpful.
What is the bandwidth like between PNG and AU?
Last time I was there it was 64kbps for the entire Island. I expect it 
is better now.

Also willing to help. Maybe let us know what you need and what you want.


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