[Linux-aus] Photos at conferences

Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Wed Jan 22 16:25:02 EST 2014

On 22/01/14 15:00, Chris Neugebauer wrote:

> This thread is more-or-less beyond the point where we're likely to
> produce any further useful recommendations.

I'm not sure how an unlikely event is can be known to be impossible. But 
I bet there's some crazy maths out there where one can prove said 
unlikely event has already transpired and won't ever happen again.

It certainly sounds as if you feel you've got enough out of the thread 
to at least bang together a proposal. In which case I fail to see how 
your two 'stfu' posts, the 'me too' replies and your justification of 
your two 'stfu' posts are not precisely the thing you're complaining about.

That one of those 'stfu' was a reply to a post that afacit was the first 
to mention the key legal phrase 'duty of care' (albeit 'implied', but it 
was still bolded) makes your glib suggestion that everything had already 
been said in the thread somewhat dubious.

"This mailing list is intended to carry discussions directly relating to 
the activities and projects of Linux Australia."

If one is a normal member and don't want to hear the discussion on this 
thread any more, bin it or file it so you never read it.

If one is a Council member and feel that during a policy discussion 
between members you've got enough out of it to put together a proposal 
because the members are too busy going around in circles... it may be 
far better bang out the proposal as you see it in any rough form thus 
changing the direction of discussion than publicly telling select 
members to be quiet and then sitting on your hands waiting for said 
members who you just told to shut up to come up with something.


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