[Linux-aus] Photos at conferences

Pomke Nohkan pomke at pomke.com
Wed Jan 22 08:28:03 EST 2014

These hypotheticals seems to be getting a bit silly, I think it can
all be solved fairly simply without discussing bits of people strewn
across the conference floor o.O.

Have some form of identification marker for people who do not want to
be photographed (a colour, a 2nd lanyard/tag, what ever), aaaaand...
ask people not to take photographs of them.

If you do inadvertently photograph someone in a small group (2-3
people) with one of these tags, then simply refrain from posting that
photo online. I'd go so far as to suggest you should always ask people
if it's okay to tag them in photos before you do, it's just common

I think the hypothetical   "An introvert and an extrovert are sitting
together.. as a photographer, WHAT DO YOU DO?!1" .. well, don't be a
jerk, if the first person wants a photo, move away from the person
with the tag that says they don't, it's not very difficult.

Large group photos are entirely different, see 'ask people if it's ok
to tag them' or just leave everyone anon.

The only remaining case now is "I'm going to get all up in your grill
and take a photo of you individually", well if you do that when
someone has clearly marked themselves as not wanting photos then
you're harassing people and the regular Code of Conduct kicks in.

So my simple one-step solution to this problem:

1) provide an optional way for people to clearly flag themselves as
no-photo and make it known at your con.

A nice laminated tag with a camera crossed out about 3-4cm across that
could go on your lanyard.. or anything like that would work fine.

Best wishes,


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