[Linux-aus] Photos at conferences

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue Jan 21 11:06:23 EST 2014

On 01/20/2014 09:00 PM, Bianca Gibson wrote:
> From the Adacamp policy*:
> "Most attendees will have different colored badge lanyards showing 
> their preference for photography: 

Often it's far easier to say to event staff at $conference "if someone 
is wearing this colour lanyard, then {insert action here}"

Lanyards also cost money, and contain artwork, so making multiple 
different colours/borders/etc is a something with a non-trivial cost, 
but having a separate stack of generic non-branded $pick_random_colour 
lanyard that a delegate can pick up from rego or another area might be a 
possible solution. They can continue to carry the conference lanyard, 
but also have a clear indication that they are not interested in having 
their photo taken.

Anyone publishing a photo with someone wearing a $pick_random_colour 
lanyard can be approached and the colour scheme explained to them. If 
they continue to do so, then the organisers follow the code of conduct.

If you think you can get a great shot of people doing things, but it 
contains a person wearing $pick_random_colour lanyard, then you need to 
work something you. One option might be to take the photo, then approach 
the person and explain that you took what you thought was a great photo, 
but they're in the shot, and do they mind if you still publish the photo.

the flip side to this is where a person picks up a $pick_random_colour 
lanyard from rego, then places themselves in photos to "police" who can 
and can't take photos, but that can also be dealt with by the conference 
organisers if they become a problem.

just my 2dogecoins, and certainly not a complete solution


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