[Linux-aus] Ways LA can foster future linux.conf.au bids

Mark Ellem mark at colmiga.org
Fri Jan 10 16:52:26 EST 2014


I want to thank Josh Hesketh for running a LCA bid BoF at LCA2014 today.

It got me thinking about resources Linux Australia could provide to bidding teams in order to help them create and submit a bid.

Some resources I can think could be provided are:

*Access to previous successful and unsuccessful LCA bids on Linux Australia's Website, confidential info redacted of course. Other LA run conferences bid documents can be included too.

*Access to archives of previous LCA team mailing list threads, with anything that cannot be publically released redacted.

*The ability for a bid team to create a wiki on Linux Australia's servers for info sharing between bid members.

*The ability for a bid team to create a mailing list on Linux Australia's servers for bid discussion.

*An online inventory of Linux Australia equipment for the use of successful conferences so they can get an idea of what they need to buy/hire.

*Documentation publically available on Linux Australia's website in relation to various LA conference bid processes for bidding teams.

I would love to hear what others would like to see in order to help make things easier to bidding teams.

Mark Ellem.

erutangis looc ym

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