[Linux-aus] Hardware donation: IBM BladeCenter + 10 HS21/22 blades

gary.allpikes gary at allpikes.com.au
Fri Jan 10 09:30:40 EST 2014

I've still got the DL360G5 I offered up on the list a while back if 
anyone is interested.


Hi All,

I've got a HP DL360 G5 with dual quad core Xeons (5450's from memory) 
and 32GB of Reg ECC RAM Jackson can have if someone wants to pay the 

I am in Perth.

The machine is a 1RU server with dual hotswap PSU's and a battery-backed 
cached RAID controller. Has dual gig-e ethernet and an ILO Advanced 
license on it.

It needs 1 or more 2.5" SAS drives as it has no hard drives in it at the 

It is a retired VMware host server.


Maybe someone at linux.conf.au is looking for some excess baggage??



On 10-01-2014 06:14, Rob Thomas wrote:
> As the previous owner of this, I concur - it's amazingly loud and
> astonishingly heavy.
> The CPU's are all around the Harpertown era. I believe all the blades
> have dual CPU's, a pair of 72gb SCSI HDD's and between 2gb and 8gb of
> RAM each.
> You want some IEC-C19 power cables. Some clicking around on staticice
> will find them for around $12 each.
> I was running VMware ESXi 4-ish on the blades without a problem.
> --Rob
> On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 7:25 AM, Avi Miller <avi.miller at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> Hey kids,
>> I have an IBM BladeCenter chassis with 10 working (and 1 non-working) 
>> blades that is taking up space in my house. The chassis works great, 
>> and has both gigabit ethernet and fibre channel connectivity. The 10 
>> working blades are mostly HS21s with dual-sockets and anywhere from 
>> 2GB - 8GB of memory (from memory). There is also an 11th blade I could 
>> never get to work, but could be used for parts, I guess.
>> I’m happy to give the entire lot to anyone who’s willing to come pick 
>> it up from my house in Melbourne. :)
>> Caveats: this thing is large. Like 5RU or 6RU or something. It’s also 
>> massively heavy. Fully loaded, it’s probably 60kgs+ or so. It requires 
>> 15A power (cables not included) and has four PSUs, so you need 
>> significant power supply (though it’ll run with only 2 connected). And 
>> finally, it’s stupendously loud. Like imaging an A380 landing about 
>> 10m away from you and then double it. This thing wouldn’t sit under 
>> someone’s desk. :)
>> I’d prefer to give the whole lot away in one go, and I’d also prefer 
>> to give it to a non-profit or educational organisation, or anyone who 
>> is going to take hackvantage of it. I bought the whole lot for about 
>> $500 thinking I’d be able to do some virtualisation work with it, but 
>> the power requirements and noise just weren’t appropriate for a 
>> work-from-home environment.
>> If this sound like something you’d like and you have a server 
>> room/basement/garden shed/bunker in which to store it, and some way of 
>> picking it up from an outer Northern suburb of Melbourne, please email 
>> me directly.
>> NOTE: I can’t power the thing up any more, so please don’t ask 
>> specific questions about actual memory sizing or processors. I believe 
>> they’re Intel Xeon-esque processors. Each blade also has 2x internal 
>> HDDs. Essentially, you’re getting the lot for free, so think of it as 
>> a blade centre lucky dip! :)
>> Email me off-list if you can take it off my hands.
>> Cheers,
>> Avi
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