[Linux-aus] LUG schedules (was Minutes...)

Scott Bragg jsbragg at scriptforge.org
Sun Feb 23 14:20:45 EST 2014

On 2014-02-23 10:39, Linux Australia Secretary wrote:

> This is a great point Craige.
> I know the Media Team is keen to get a newsletter together with
> upcoming dates, and we also have a calendar here;
> http://linux.org.au/calendar
> but the trick is keeping it populated.

Is this calendar only editable by the Media Team, or is there a way 
normal LA members (or those running LUGs) can add to it?

> There are a couple of LUGs which are Subcommittees of LA; for these
> groups I'd be happy to explore requiring the LUG dates to be on the
> calendar.
> For the majority of LUGS that are not Subcommittees of LA however this
> would be a goodwill gesture.

I have a calendar set to public in my calendar app (ownCloud) that is 
populated with TasLUG events. I could help populate the LA Events 
calendar as you suggest.

> At a broader level, I'd love to see an RSS feed to 'open source
> events' in Australia - LUGs, meetups etc.
> What are the thoughts of others?

I also keep a calendar that I populate with FOSS/Linux/related 
conferences and events worldwide (eg Linux Foundation events, and things 
like PyConUS, RailsConf etc) - since many of these may now have live 
streaming of some/all talks, I can keep an eye on upcoming talks not 
just in AU/NZ...

I think an ICS / CalDAV feed of events would be more useful than RSS as 
it ready to import into people's own favourite calendaring app. Perhaps 
both CalDAV/ICS and RSS could be accomodated.

Scott Bragg

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