[Linux-aus] This list now in emergency moderation; all post will be moderated

Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
Sat Feb 8 00:22:38 EST 2014

This list is now out of emergency moderation.

Be excellent to each other :-)

Kind regards,

On 26/01/14 12:49, Linux Australia Secretary wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> This list is now in emergency moderation mode and all posts will be 
> moderated by a member of Council.
> Once again, I draw your attention to our Community's values [1], 
> including respect and diversity. It is OK to hold and express an 
> opinion that differs from another member's. This is Diversity. It is 
> not OK to trample the value of Respect in doing so. Please reflect on 
> what you post, and the manner of your wording, before you post to this 
> list.
> This is the second time in six months this list has been placed in 
> emergency moderation due to the inflamed nature of posts. Council will 
> now consider longer term measures related to moderation.
> I would also like to remark, from a personal position, that the time 
> taken to moderate the list, to deal with the issue of moderation and 
> the formal complaints which inevitably arise from such significantly 
> detract from our ability to undertake more constructive and 
> value-adding activities on behalf of the community. Would you like a 
> newsletter? A stronger voice in the media? More amazing events? 
> Stronger governance? Our volunteer time is limited and precious. As a 
> community, I honestly and openly ask you to allow us to spend that 
> precious time well.
> [1] http://linux.org.au/values
> With kind regards,
> Kathy

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
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