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I agree that people should be able to comment freely without having to
declare their affiliations. When they stand for an important council
position it's a bit different though.

At that point I think all candidates should provide us with enough context
to make an informed voting decision. I'm certainly more likely to vote for
someone who I know a bit about than someone who is a complete cipher.

Note that I'm not speaking about David specifically. I like to know a bit
about all of the candidates.

Neill Cox

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On 20/12/2014 1:46 PM, "Noel Butler" <noel.butler at ausics.net> wrote:

>  Chris,
> Fair enough, but, should he have to disclose it? Think about it before you
> answer.
> How many of us have affiliations with multiple organisations, should we be
> declaring everything everywhere any time we make a comment, regardless of
> where that comment is made? No, of course not.
> If Sam was singing the praises of LA, would people like Steve Walsh and
> all who agree with him, be making such a fuss? No, of course they wouldn't.
> Except in that case, I *would* find it most appropriate that he declare
> his membership, since when  *praising* the organisation people should be
> aware that someone in media who's publicly supporting an organisation is a
> member, to be aware that it may be exaggerated hype, to get more people
> interested... after all *that* it's a form of free positive advertising.
> You have to take the good with the bad, and if you don't like what a
> journo writes, you look at what he/she wrote, then address those issues,
> and one day, that journo just might, give the organisation a positive
> mention.
> Perhaps the 2015 council will look at Sam's gripes, and do something about
> it. Perhaps set up an anonymous (with spam bot protection of course)
> suggestion box, where members can lodge any issues, and LA as a whole can
> address them. I say anonymous, because there are a lot of folk here who
> jump on bandwagons to support their mates, when they seemingly have NFI,
> this way, even those "heroes" can bring something to councils attention
> without upsetting their friends, I've noticed over the years trying to do
> that on mailing lists just drags in the hords of renta-crowds, as I call
> em, those that don't think for themselves but just backup their mates no
> mater what and tehrefor are reluctant to bring up an issue they think
> should be addresses, but that's not just a LA issue, it's a general problem
> :)
> Disclaimer: Since some people may be wondering - no, I don't know Sam, no,
> I don't know David, but I do know how to look at things from all sides
> before making a conclusion, or  jumping in on some bandwagon, or trying to
> influence the membership at an election time, which this really does border
> on.
> Cheers
> On 20/12/2014 05:15, Chris Neugebauer wrote:
> Noel,
> On 20 December 2014 at 03:13, Noel Butler <noel.butler at ausics.net> wrote:
> I see nothing written there that is false or misleading, in fact I only
> pondeer why "Sam" did not join LA if not already a member, and run for
> council to change those things.
> As our Secretary, Kathy Reid notes in [0 <http://www.itwire.com/opinion-and-analysis/open-sauce/65994-linux-australia-puts-curbs-on-mailing-lists#comment-1681080894>], Sam is a member of Linux
> Australia, and fails to disclose this fact in his writings about Linux
> Australia.
> --Chris
> [0] http://www.itwire.com/opinion-and-analysis/open-sauce/65994-linux-australia-puts-curbs-on-mailing-lists#comment-1681080894
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